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CDHC Market Data Advisory Service
Featuring Over 70 CDHC Market Metrics
The Consumer Driven Healthcare (CDHC) Market Data Advisory is a report published quarterly by The Consumer Driven Healthcare Institute (CDHCI).  The report aggregates blind data from millions of actual Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) provided by CDHCI members and partners, and represents the experience of 72 percent of the market with data being supplied on a blind basis and compiled by CDHCI staff and academic advisors.  

The CDHC Market Data Advisory was developed to help CDHC program administrators, financial institutions, health plans, and other key players in the CDHC market eco-chain better understand both macro and micro-industry trends for use in strategy, business development, and to enable them to achieve greater efficiencies in their own programs.  

Available on an annual subscription basis, each quarterly report features key market and individual/family CDHC account metrics, trend graphs and analysis, and an overview of CDHC policy impacting the industry, broken out into five core sections, including:

"The CDHC Market Data Advisory features in-depth, critical CDHC market trend metrics, charts, and legislative policy insights available from no other industry source."  -Steve Parente, Ph.D.,Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

 Subscribe to the quarterly CDHC Market Data Advisory service and begin leveraging this valuable analytic resource in your CDHC-related business, department, or investment group

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Subscribers to the
CDHC Market Data Advisory service will receive automatic quarterly updates to the metrics.  Additionally, subscribers receive exclusive access to the CDHCI News Archive, and are invited to attend the CDHC Behind The Metrics Webinar Series, featuring in-depth discussion around market data and policy contained in the reports, along with CDHC market leaders sharing key industry insights and trends.