Our Mission

The Consumer-Driven Health Care Institute (CDHCI) is a not-for-profit organization representing the leaders in consumer-driven health care. CDHCI's goal is to be the prime source for education, research and information about consumer-driven health care. The Institute actively promotes the shift to the Consumer-Driven Health paradigm.

The Member Companies have created health care models and technologies that empower individuals to make informed health care choices.

CDHCI believes that:

  • Consumers will work with their physicians and health care providers to create a better health care outcome for themselves and their families.
  • Health care usage is more cost efficient with empowered and knowledgeable consumers who use information tools.
  • Price and quality transparency about health care professionals is a key method for effective consumer health care choices.


CDHCI is proud to sponsor and endorse the 2013 Health Care Payments and Policy Conference to be held again in Washington, DC.  Together, with our member organizations, we are planning additonal events and forums designed to provide the latest industry information and future trends as well as up to the minute policy information from Washington. Please Click on the logo below to register for all of our sponsored our events and receive updates about HCON 2013.

CDHC Market Data Advisory Service

The Consumer Driven Healthcare (CDHC) Market Data Advisory is a report published quarterly by The Consumer Driven Healthcare Institute (CDHCI).  The CDHC Market Data Advisory was developed to help CDHC program administrators, financial institutions, health plans, and other key players in the CDHC market eco-chain better understand both macro and micro-industry trends for use in strategy, business development, and to enable them to achieve greater efficiencies in their own programs.  Click here to request information about our data services

CDHCI Sponsor Organizations

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